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The school lunch post!

Both Camille and Charlotte are in preschool/"mother's morning out" a few days a week now. Both schools (yes, they're currently at separate schools) have pick-up after lunch, meaning that I send the girlies in the morning with little lunchboxes and hope that they come back empty. Or at least mostly empty.

I am going to warn you that I am not a Pinterest-lunchbox-mama who is making organic hemp chia almond broccoli muffins each night for the girls. Would be a lot cooler if I wassss, but. Yeah.

My main goal is to throw in some slam-dunk items that they will love along with fresh and/or healthy items that I know will keep them fueled. Trying to not get too many side-eyes from the teachers. 

Last note, our lunchbox of choice is YUMBOX and just make sure to use the top rack of your dishwasher for it! #lessonlearned 

Yumboxes run around $30 but is truly leak-proof and on Amazon HERE. Each day the girls take these Munchkin 360 Cups (also on Amazon) filled with fresh water. We have the Hello Kitty style cups. 

So here are some of the lunches that I've packed. Again, nothing out of the ordinary or terribly creative, but just real life!

mandarin segments, dried cranberries, honey baked ham, string cheese, veggie straws

meat stick, fruit pouch, cheese and crackers, blueberries, 
frozen peas, banana chips and a whopper :) 

frozen peas, yogurt pouch, apple chips, blackberries, PB+J (sun butter)

fruit pouch, frozen peaches and fresh blueberries, honey baked ham, banana chips, 
frozen peas, juice box (whoops - the munchkin cup was in the dishwasher!)

pretzel chips, fruit pouch, pasta salad, frozen mango, yogurt bites

fruit pouch, frozen mango, veggie puffs, string cheese and turkey pepperoni, 
frozen green beans and celery, a few sweet treats

PB+J (sun butter), fruit pouch, dried bananas from trader joes, veggies in ranch, fig newtons

tuna salad sandwiches, kiwi, goldfish, frozen peas

dr. praegers sunbutter PB+J, cheese stick, berries and pineapple, heart marshmallow

So, there you have it! I don't mind sending Camille with a few sweet treats here and there but try to limit it and balance it out. Veggies are a weak point for us, but she will chow down on some frozen peas. We do two veggies at dinnertime so that I can be there eagle-eyeing her to make sure she eats them (or at least tries). Sending frozen fruit is so easy and it thaws out nicely before lunchtime. 

I'd love to open up the comments to lunchbox staples in your family! Have any veggie ideas for us?


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