Moving Online?!

Yesterday I had 90 kid-free minutes so I racked my brain for things I don't necessarily love doing with my girls.

I'd already been to the grocery store the day prior, so I thought ... DRESSING ROOM. I need to take advantage of a kid-free dressing room. No more legging knees covered in dust-bunnies or me fretting over the possibility of a stray straight pin poking someone. No more checkout line meltdowns or pleas to buy anything (and I mean anything) with a princess or sparkles on it.

My maternity wear leaves a little to be desired, but yesterday I wore some non-maternity leggings and a piko top that I've owned for a few years from The Palm Tree Boutique. Just did a quick search and see that they now carry a v-neck version and I love THIS one in olive green. And of course, my Ja-Vie flats and Laura Cox Designs necklace.

After wandering around and trying to scout the maternity section, I asked an employee who told me that the line was being phased out of stores! BUMMER! I know I can always order online, but I'm a "try-on" kinda gal (because let's be honest, I'm horrible with actually making returns). And small orders don't get free shipping so that's a double bummer. Although I do have the BR credit card so maybe it's waived?

I was lucky, though, with some other finds. They had these NON-maternity high-neck swing tanks and I picked up two. I'm sorry, but I couldn't scout out my sale prices online. I tried!! I bought this dark gray with golden flecks one for $8.49 and a teal one (hanging in the background) for $1.99! 

If you do shop online, use code SWEET today for 20% off. That certainly helps!

wearing the XS

Okay, this tankini bathing suit top is still showing as $25 online, BUT my store randomly had this for $0.47?! Of course I bought it!

NOW, if you do like the shape of it but want a steal, then they have this palm leaf one for $4.97 (only available currently in XS and S) and use that code SWEET for 20% off.

product photo

I had $10 in rewards from my Banana Republic credit card, so I paid less than $2 for three items!

For the actual maternity wear they still carry online, I'm thinking of treating myself to this dress. 

product photo product photo

The flutter-sleeve dress (HERE) is so ME and so cute. But what's your vote, gingham or baby blue?

Alright, so what are your thoughts on their maternity line moving to online only? Are we sad, or no love lost?

Don't forget to vote gingham or baby blue, too!


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