Big Appointments This Week

I wrote this post yesterday morning and then we ran out of the door before I had time to proofread and publish. So, it's a day old, and Charlotte is going to need the surgery. -A.


Good morning! Checking in today with some real life updates. We have two big appointments this week that I have been really anticipating.

The first one is this morning to follow up on the eyepatching we have been doing for Charlotte’s weaker eye. We started noticing a slight crossing in mid-December and were able to get in with a great pediatric ophthalmologist at the first part of January. Since then, we have been religiously patching one of her eyes for two hours daily the last two months. To be quite honest, I have not seen a huge shift in the alignment — and if anything, it just looks a little worse. This morning is our follow up where we will find out the next course of action which may actually be surgery. That terrifies me. I would appreciate any thoughts or prayers!

Secondly, those of you who have been reading here for a while may remember that I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy two years ago. This week I am 26 weeks along, and my glucose test is Thursday! I am pretty much expecting to receive a diagnosis again and will not be surprised if that is the case. Gestational diabetes is a pain — but not impossible to manage, and I just tell myself I can do anything for 14 weeks. Anything! But I would love any warm thoughts you could send my way!


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