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It's time for another edition of Five on Friday and I do hope you'll join along!

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Good morning everyone, and I'm sorry it's been a little quiet around these parts this week! We've been quite busy and Friday sort of snuck up on me like whoa. In fact, laying in bed last night Ian said "what do you want to do tomorrow night?" and it sort made me do a mental double-take that it was a Friday night and I had no sort of plans or even awareness of it -- whoops!

We did go out to eat as a family on Wednesday night so will probably hang around the house!

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I've been really busy this week with hairbow orders! I'm selling some on our Instagram page (here) but I have also been doing a lot of custom orders and local sales on a moms' Facebook page. I'm excited to be doing the cross bows again for Easter and definitely had my monogram machine going last night.

Anyone have any Poshmark tips? I just signed up for it recently and haven't posted anything yet, BUT hopefully will be doing so today! My username is APRIL8228 and I believe if you put that in as your referral name, we both get gifted a $5 credit. 

Anyway, I'm totally interested in it and would love to hear your Poshmark tips and successes!

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I think I've mentioned a little bit that Charlotte has recently started a mother's morning out on a day that Camille doesn't have preschool, so it gives us one day a week that it's just me and my big girl. WOW, how important! She really seems to love these days when we get to do "big girl things" and spend some quality time together. I try to have a fun little outing planned and this past week it was a quick treat at TCBY after we had leftovers for lunch at home. Look at that grin -- it says it all.

It's been an exceptionally exciting week for me LipSense-wise because (excuse my proud brag!) I found out that I was the #3 gal in the ENTIRE COMPANY ... which is 225,000+ ... for my personal team growth in January.


I was definitely not expecting that and was so excited to hear it!

And PS ... our. team. rocks. 

I'm still working today toward my weekly sales goal, so if there's anything you've had your eye on, I'd love to help you get it in your mailbox! Shipping's just $3 and I would love to introduce you to some products I've truly fallen in love with!


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That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


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