Weekend Fun: SLIME Recipe

Not every moment in every weekend is a "winning at mom-ing" moment, but I did feel pretty fun when I offered to help the girls make slime on Saturday!

This activity takes three ingredients and only a slight eagle eye to make sure it doesn't end up between your couch cushions or in your washing machine. 

What we used:
1/2 bottle of Elmers Glitter Glue (on Amazon)
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon contact solution

(we added in extra glitter too, but I'll skip that next time)

We added the contact solution last and ended up adding in a squirt or two more to make the consistency less gluey and more rubbery. Just add small amounts until it doesn't stick to your fingers and has more of a bouncy texture. 

The girlies loved stretching it, rolling it, and bouncing it!

Prime in that glue so that you can be a fun mom this coming weekend! 

from http://ift.tt/2FqgLB8

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