I guess it's good we made it nearly 4 years with kids and haven't had an ER trip yet. We did last night, though. Around 9:30 Ian and I heard Charlotte upstairs coughing over and over and over again with no break for breath. I went upstairs, took her from her crib, she continued coughing, gagged a little and vomited. This happened again on Ian when I passed her to him to start cleaning the chair, rug and to start peeling my clothes off. The fact that she wasn't able to catch a breath had us extremely panicked. Urgent Cares were closed or closing, so to the ER we went. She had a nebulizer treatment for breathing and was given a Zofran. She didn't clear for her eye surgery this morning per her anesthesiologist when I woke and called at 6.

The best laid plans.

We'll start again. Thanks for your prayers.

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