Easter Sunday and Charlotte's Eye Surgery

Hey, friends!
So, this Easter looked a little different than I expected it to, but still worth documenting because it was a sweet Easter indeed.

On Saturday morning, Charlotte woke up with a 101-degree fever. A dose of Motrin and she was right as rain, but I'm a pretty hard and fast follower of the 24 hour rule. Because of that, we decided it best for Charlotte (chipper at this point) to sit out on a neighbor's backyard egg hunt. Ian stayed home with her while I took Camille.

The next morning, the girls awoke to filled baskets from the ol' EB himself!

Pretty simple and straightforward this year -- the Pottery Barn hooded towels I blogged about HERE (still can't believe they went down to $8/ea), some personalized Contigo water bottles from a local mom, Reeses Pieces carrots, pink Peeps, Annie's gummy bunnies, a puzzle for Camille and yogurt melts for Charlotte, and window suncatchers to paint.

And don't you know that Charlotte's fever was back on Easter morning.

We had a family brunch planned that included an egg hunt, a train ride, and sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap, but alas, we decided to divide and conquer yet again. I tried to convince Ian to go but he knew that I live for this kind of thing so he volunteered to stay at home again.

He took Char on a wagon ride and later they had a picnic lunch outdoors. Again, the Motrin had her feeling better at this point but we just didn't want to take any chances with exhausting her too much (especially with her eye surgery looming) and infecting other children. 

Once we got home, we got a quick photo together with our overflowing trashcan in the background. Ya win some, ya lose some. 

Remind me next year to take the extra 3 seconds to whip out my Nikon, k?

While the girls were napping, I stuffed 30 eggs with coins and let the girls go on a "money hunt" together so that poor Charrie got some sort of an egg hunt under her belt this year. We opened cards that my mom sent and put their money hunt earnings in their piggybanks.

So, moving on to Charlotte's strabismus surgery. It's tomorrow. I'm not as anxious about it as I once was -- we are just ready to get this done and behind us. I know children have this procedure done every single day, and I trust our doctor. I'm just curious about what's next. How will she handle the anesthesia? How will she handle the eye drops for the next week? Will her eyes heal quickly and as they should? Will only one surgery be necessary? Will this help her to walk confidently ... and run in the backyard with her sister?

Thanks for all of the support and well-wishes you have given and continue to give! 

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