34 Weeks Pregnancy Update!


How Far Along? 34 weeks

Size of Baby: A big ol' butternut squash! Baby is approximately 4.7 pounds and 17.7 inches long.

Gender: Baby BOY

Weight Gain: Right around the 25lb mark

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Maternity Clothes: Wearing them 80% of the time because this belly is just sooooo out there.

Nursery: Baby boy will be in Charlotte's current room. He will start off in a bassinet next to my bedside (I found a beautiful woven one secondhand). But because she's in there, I haven't had the nesting itch to turn it over to a boy-lair just yet. The walls will need to be painted, new mobile hung, bedding and rug switched out, but she sleeps great in that room right now so I'm torn as to when to make the big move. We do let Char sleep in the crib in Camille's room from time to time, but the newness factor is still there and they often end up playing WAY too late and being so loud, having to be separated into their own separate rooms by parents who want them to SLEEP. :)

Movement: Oh yeah. Lots of big, big movement! Hiccups at least once or twice a week which are so cute to feel.

Symptoms: Big belly. Big, heavy belly. Braxton Hicks contractions, mainly at night.

I've been wearing this belly support band from Amazon which really does help with the belly heaviness, though. And at night you can often find me sleeping in my Snoogle (also on Amazon).

Sleep: Sleeping fairly well but waking up really early most mornings. My mind just starts racing with everything that I need to do! Sometimes sleepy in the afternoon but no time for a nap.

Cravings: No major cravings although sweet tea always sounds awesome, and not really digging eggs in the morning.

What I Miss: Being able to walk up the stairs without being completely winded. Phew.

Best Moment This Week: Being in Oklahoma this past weekend for the SeneGence seminar was SO much fun, my big last hurrah before baby comes! Everyone was so very nice and I think my face stayed in a permanent blush from women coming up to me saying "Oh my goodness you are SOOOO cute!" It was definitely a confidence booster!

Looking Forward To: Seeing if his sweet face looks like one or both of his sisters. Aaahhhh I can't wait to snuggle our precious newborn boy!

My friend Michelle and me last night at Bunco. 
Outfits NOT coordinated on purpose, but how fun!

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