Camille is ... FOUR!


I absolutely cannot believe that this girl, this girl right here, is FOUR today. Blows my mind. 

She is such a light, such a ball of energy, such a magnetic and awe-inducing little girl to me. She is captivating. 

I'll never forget the moment I told Ian that we were expecting. I drove home from work -- I'd been keeping the secret since 4am when I woke up, took a test, started shaking at the positive readout, and never went back to sleep. We had team t-shirt day at work, and I took the ECU Pirates theme (his college alma mater) and ran with it ... came home with purple and yellow balloons wrapped around a baby onesie. 

The video quality is terrible but I'm so happy that I have this moment captured. 

Camille was born at 6:43pm on May 14th (due May 5th, so fashionably late).

She was a deliciously sweet baby with big, alert eyes, a big presence, and a big voice.

Still is. Still just so engaged, so hungry for knowledge, so captivating to everyone around her.

We will be celebrating our special four-year-old today with some small family celebrations.

I can't describe how much I love my Camille Elizabeth. I hope this birthday and every other birthday are nothing but magical for her.


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