Easy Button Birthday Party

I have no shame in my "easy button" game!

Camille's 4th birthday celebration was the easiest (yet one of the smartest and most fun) parties I've hosted. Originally I had us booked at Ben & Jerry's -- which actually does a fantastically cute kids party -- but it was going to be in about the mid-$200s to host and I just sort of had a panic moment and switched gears.

What's important to four year olds? Sweets and friends.

So I took that and just ran with it and we met some friends and their families on Sunday morning at Dunkin' Donuts!

my outfit details:
high-neck swing tank (non-maternity) // fabric necklace (similar) // monogrammed sandals (similar)

I found a couple of cute donut images on Google (just searched "donut iphone wallpaper") and let Camille choose which one she liked best. Purple background won out, obvi. I added some text using the WordSwag app and let Camille choose five friends (and their families) to invite. Then I just texted out this image. Done. 

Sunday morning, we arrived at ol' DD about 10 minutes before our friends and purchased two big boxes of donuts for ten bucks a piece. I'd also brought single-serve organic milks for the kids, our own purple paper plates and rainbow unicorn napkins. 

Gift bags were simple -- bubbles and candy.

Donuts, milks, paper plates, napkins and treat bags, I was about $35 in on this party. 

We didn't even need a cake or cupcakes because ... donuts! The grown-ups were able to relax with a coffee and just chat. 

The entire party lasted about 45 minutes total. It was truly like a flash mob party -- swoop in, celebrate, sing Happy Birthday, clean up, leave!

High-fiving myself on this one a little bit. It was simple, enjoyed by all and just enough to make Camille feel like a princess for the morning.

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