It's Nursery Time!

Back in the winter, we had some really sweet photos taken in Charlotte's room (amongst other rooms) because I knew this room would be turning BLUE!

I wanted to remember how it looked when it was just hers, with the happy floral curtains and the coral-pink walls.

This morning I popped upstairs and prepped the room for our painter's 7:30 arrival time, pulling art off the walls and unclipping the drapes. 

I work best under pressure and typically wait until the deadline to accomplish things, so this ninth-hour painting job was planned two days ago and as soon as the walls are dry, I plan to just wrap up the rest of the room!

Placement of everything will remain basically the same, but that little nine-cube storage shelf you can sort of see in the right side of the photo is going to be in the girls' shared closet for additional clothes storage. There's a white dresser in their room that I'm going to move to Baby Boy's room. 

I have some very old white matelesse drapes from my "single days" apartment that I may be using in his room, although Camille told me I couldn't because the matelesse pattern is floral and he is a BOY. Well, it won't be the first time he's going to have girly things as part of his life. His rock and play is a gorgeous shade of baby pink. 

So, I just went upstairs and it looks like the painting job is done, so now we just let it dry and then start putting things back in their place for little brother's arrival! I need to order a new rug, finalize what I'm doing with the drapes, swap out the bedding, get Ian to move the crib back up to the newborn height, maybe get a new lamp or two for his room, and move Char's clothes out of his closet. Which means a major downsizing of clothing since the girls are sharing a closet now. Hellooooo, Goodwill! 


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