The Nightstand Hunt

Good morning lovely friends!

I'm sitting here with my hot coffee (toasted coconut with sugar-free caramel creamer, naturally!) and perusing nightstands. Ahhh, #adulting.

On either side of our master bed, we currently have two mismatched nightstands and -- after two years -- it's time. Time to make a change. I have a very small mirrored table that's constantly overflowing with books, not that I'm really reading or anything, but I want STORAGE. And I also want a nightstand that's large enough to hold a lamp. I want Ian and I to have matching nightstands, matching lamps, and basically I just want it to look like grown-ups sleep in that room.

I'm turning to Wayfair for ease because I just don't feel like hunting around Charlotte and loading anything in the back of the van. Gosh knows I have the space for them in the van but not the energy.

Here are some options I'm looking at, would love any input you have!

Norloti 2 Drawer Nightstand

Fuller 2 Drawer Nightstand

Our bedding is white, our headboard is tan and upholstered, and the walls are Sea Salt. The dresser across from our bed is painted a light/medium gray. 

I'm SO in love with the nightstand on Ian's side currently, it was a World Market find several years back. It's sort of a carved grayed wood. If I could just find a match for it, I'd be in heaven! 

Where are your sources for furniture that can be delivered to your doorstep (seriously) that don't cost an arm and a leg? 


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