Bye Bye, Gel (For Now)

For the past year and a half, I have been scheduling regular gel manicures! It all started with a Groupon. (Those things really do suck you in.) Before Christmas that year, I cashed in said Groupon and got my nails done in a gorgeous light pink/natural color. I felt like my hands looked so pretty, so put together, so… "polished." And every 2/2.5 weeks I have returned for gel removal and reapplication!

It’s been a nice little luxury and something I have really looked forward to. Some much needed me-time. Each visit is $25 or $35, and I've always tipped 20% at the minimum, so it's not the cheapest little me-time activity, but I love it.

Well, this weekend Ian had the girls in the mountains for fun activities and a little break from the heat -- I was home solo with little Lochlan, laying low and -- ya know, nursing like 22 hours a day -- and my polish was starting to peel up on the sides.

I did the unthinkable, something I haven't done in the past 18 months. I PEELED IT OFF! This is a huge no-no, but my nails were honestly so weak to begin with from the gel and also the fact that one of the salons used an electric file too much on my nails.

So then I ran with Baby L to Walgreens and picked up this to hopefully strengthen my nails, and I'm also going to use some SeneGence products as well. My nails are in a bad way, just so thin, so I'm keeping them short to hopefully keep broken nails at bay. I might look into Color Street if I want some color on my nails, but they still need a bit of healing/breathing time.

I also need to grab some biotin capsules to help with growth!

So, are you a reformed gel nails gal? What helped you (besides good ol' fashioned time) to strengthen your nails back again?

(GEL: I'll be back for ya. Just when it makes a little more sense, time-wise.)


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