Introducing Our Son ... One Week Old


Sweet sweet Lochlan, welcome to our family!

Last Wednesday, June 6, we welcomed this adorable bundle of joy. He weighed 8 pounds, 2 ounces, and was 20" long. His full name is James Lochlan, carrying on two traditions of having James as a given first name (Ian and his late father also do) and also having a name that pays homage to their Scottish ancestry.

We left the hospital after lunch Thursday and spent Thursday night and Friday night as a quiet trio -- my husband, Lochlan, and me. It was a great way to ease into our new life, and the older sisters were having the time of their lives with their grandmothers, not missing a beat on their summer vacation.

We've had two outings to our wonderful pediatrician, once Friday where he was down to 7.8lbs and a quick repeat Monday for a weight check where he was back up to 8.1. Other than that, we've just been relaxing at home, taking it easy, and even having a few visitors stop by who have been SO kind to bring meals and baby snuggles!

Recovery for me has been fairly easy this time around thanks to a quick and straightforward delivery. Sleep, ehhhhh, who really needs it anyway. I haven't taken a nap yet which is sort of ridiculous, but I'm not much of a napper -- I often get a case of FOMO and would rather just push on through.

An awesome friend is scooping Camille up this morning to take her to the dollar movies, and my mom is coming up again tomorrow to visit for the day and give a helping hand. Hey, I might even get two nap days in a row!

So, Lochlan, welcome to the crazy crew! We love you so much our little prince!


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