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I stopped by Nordstrom yesterday along with half of the city of Charlotte, and on the way out I stopped by the little cafe to grab an iced chai. That's my favorite coffee shop drink. I was caught off guard when the barista said, "Normal iced chai or lavender iced chai?"

UMMM, lavender iced chai of course!!!
Now, how can I recreate this at home? I am thinking a little homemade lavender simple syrup and some chai tea mix!

Speaking of simple syrup, I was at the pool with my friend Nina recently and we were chatting about making simple syrup in a microwave (using a mason jar). She has an amazing food-centric blog and recently blogged about making strawberry jalapeno simple syrup. How amazing does this sound?! Click over here to see her take on it!

peace. love. & good food.: Strawberry Jalapeno Simple Syrup
photo cred :)

The girls absolutely love this Playfoam! It seriously does NOT dry out (side-eyeing you, playdoh). I mean, some of our foam has grass bits and probably Goldfish crumbs in it, but you'd be tossing it for that reason and not because it dried out. It's cheap on Amazon and the girls just love it. Charlotte's physical therapist (for fine/gross motor development) encouraged us to expose her to all sorts of textures to play with, and I think this fits the bill!

I gave it to them on Monday afternoon with some little toys and small kitchen tools like a silicone garlic peeler and silicone rolling pin and they loved it!

Playfoam, $7.99

Another Nordies win. This ribbed top is another great option for any fellow breastfeeding moms because you're not having to go to great lengths to feed that fussy babe. And for everyone else, it's just a beautiful and graceful top. Great price, too. 

Pair with a cami underneath like I have! Or else you might have a Janet Jackson moment. 

Leith Rib Wrap Sweater
$39.90, down from $59

Lochlan's one month appointment was yesterday and WOWZA this boy has jumped up from 8.2 at birth to 11.10! In just five weeks. He's a big boy! 

I'll share more of his one month stats next week, but he's doing awesome and is just such a wonderful little boy. 


That's it for today! Hope you have a lovely weekend -- thanks for linking up with us below!


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