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It's that time again!  With just a few weeks to Halloween, it was time to decorate for Halloween. This year we went with a haunted movie theater concept. I present: The Screaming Room @ Windsor Terror Cinemas

We went in a slightly different direction this time incorporating some easy to use technology to amp up the creep factor which has given it a whole new dimension.

I was so fortunate to team up once again with my friends at Lowe's this year. They had some great elements to add to the display as well as the raw materials I needed to build the components.

A few months ago we found 6 rickety chairs and a bookshelf left out in the trash.  I knew it would make the perfect movie seats and box office once they were painted black.  I used plywood for the movie screen and large movie poster backing, and some naturally weathered boards for the other signage.  The LED blinking skull (the same one I used in my dead dinner party dining room set up) made for the perfect accent on a handprinted marquee.

Want to recreate this in your front yard?  Here is the materials I used:

It's a fun little set up during the day.  Nothing too scary and a sweet Halloween scene to stumble upon as you walk past our home.  But at night is when it gets a lot more fun.  Once the sun goes down, the winds start howling and the shows begin.

We used a large sheet of plywood and painted it white to create a movie screen.  Then we used a digital movie projector and some creepy video downloads, created a spooky matinee for our all our skeleton audience members.  It really adds a whole new element to our display that is a fun surprise for everyone. To see it in action, head over to my instastories where I'll be sharing a few clips all week long.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Lowes but all opinions expressed are my own.

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