Welcome to Prospect Dark | Halloween Stoop Decor

Brooklyn Limestone
It's that time of year again!  Time to open my literal closet full of skeletons and decorate for Halloween. Welcome to Prospect Dark!


A few months ago, I stumbled upon this old baby pram that started me on the idea as a play on our local park, Prospect Park.  Of course our version is only for the dead and their leisurely pursuits.

This park has a mom and dad fussing over baby, a cyclist, a graveyard, spooky plants and of course one angry dog.

I made the two large tombstones using some scrap wood.  One to honor the famous designers of the real Prospect Park and the other to reference our planned family costume, The Addams Family. I usually like to make the décor match our costume more closely but I made an exception this year and just keep the décor in the generally creepy category. I think the Addams family would be happy to spend time in this park, don't you agree?

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