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My name is Ted, from Dropship Rabbit Team. If you’re like me and most other dropshippers you’ve probably had courses rammed down your throat non-stop. Some of these are priced as high as $997! The truth is, you already know most of what’s in these courses. You’ve seen plenty of videos on product research, store design and everything else to do with dropshipping. And if you haven’t there are plenty of free videos online to teach you these things. These courses rarely shed any new light, but the reason you buy them is for that “secret” FB advertising strategy that can help you find winners fast and scale them once you do.

Well, I made this Tutorial so you can have access to a 7 figure facebook ads strategy without paying $997 for all the other garbage! To be frank, it’s fairly simple and much more straightforward than you think, so this won’t be long! Let’s get started


The first step to creating an advertising campaign on Facebook is selecting your campaign objective. This sets the goal for your campaign. There are many different ones, but the two you have probably heard discussed most often are post engagement (PPE) and conversion objective.

PPE or conversion?

Start with the conversion objective. Why? Because that’s what we want, conversions. We want sales, not likes or shares. Sure they’d be nice as a bonus but we want to focus on making sales.

Which conversion?

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition

Always stick to the purchase objective. It’s simple, we want purchases so we optimise for purchases! Facebook is smart and it categorizes people into categories. If you optimise for “add to cart”, you can be pretty sure Facebook is going to send you a lot of visitors who have a habit of only adding to their cart and not purchasing. We want buyers so we are going to stick to purchases.


How many adsets?

To test properly we need to create multiple adsets with different interests so we can find out what’s working and what’s not. To start out with make 10 adsets. Yes not 7, not 8 but 10 adsets.

Detailed targeting?

When choosing the detailed targeting for these adsets please note each adset should only contain ONE interest. The reason is simple. If we include multiple interests and the adset gets a sale, we have no way to know which interest the sale came from. So stick to ONE. Also pick an interest that has an audience of at least 1 million people.

This is how the detailed targeting section should look.

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition

Note: Do not check the expand detailed targeting button as this is ineffective and wastes your money by making targeting too broad.


Start each adset at $5 a day. This is low risk, effective and has been proven to be successful for a long time now as a testing budget.


Don’t forget to select the language to English (ALL)


It is better to select to advertise only to people connected to WIFI. This is because they are more likely to be in a place where they have the time to buy and also means they are less likely to experience a slow performance on your website.


Below is a list of the countries we recommend you should target for the best results. These are all epacket countries meaning you can usually ship faster to these locations.

United States, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Canada, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom, Israel, Finland, Denmark, Belgium, Greece, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Luxembourg, Hungary, France, Germany, Ukraine


Select both Instagram and Facebook news feeds only! Uncheck everything else and focus only on news feeds. This is what works the best


Your ad is crucial to success. Ensure your ad is relevant, engaging and designed to catch attention and make people stop scrolling their feeds. For video ads, the first 3 seconds are vital to capture the customers attention. If these 3 seconds are not interesting a potential customer is likely to stop watching. For the best results, create 3 different ad creatives for each adset so you can test what is working the best. You can alternate the ad creative (video, image) or even just test different ad copy (text) to test this.

Video or image?

It’s no secret that video ads usually bring the best results. They offer you the chance to show off your product to a potential customer and really increase their desire to buy. Stick to video ads wherever possible. If the product is something like jewellery for example, then an image ad can also work well too, but video is usually preferred.


Let your adsets run for a full 24 hours before adjusting them in any way. A common mistake is getting itchy fingers and feeling the need to watch and adjust adsets throughout the day. Don’t do this! Let them run then assess and act.

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition

What adsets to turn off?

Turn off any adset with a CPC of more than $2 after 24 hours. By CPC we mean cost per click, specifically the cost per link click. If it costs more than $2 to get one person to click your link, then turn off that adset

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition

Adsets that got a sale?

First of all well done & kerching!.. If an adset gets a sale within 24 hours then duplicate that adset into 1- 3 new similar adsets. So create a maximum of 2 new adsets but change the interest in the new adsets to one that is similar to the adset that got a sale but not the exact same.

This can be easily done by clicking suggestions in the detailed targeting section. Eg if the adset with the interest “cycling” gets a sale, duplicate it into 3 new adsets targeting 3 new similar interests such as “cycles” , “cycling to work”, “I love cycling”.

Do not increase the budgets on any adsets. Just follow the creating similar adsets method stated above.

Facebook Ads for Dropshipping 2020 Edition

Adsets that didn’t get a sale?

Do not do anything to adsets that didn’t get a sale. Continue to let them run unless they were one of the adsets that has CPC above $2 as previously mentioned.


What adsets to turn off?

Again turn off any adset with a CPC of more than $2. Unless the adset has an add to cart then do not kill it. Let it run.

Adsets that got a sale?

Follow the same steps listed in step 4 for adsets that got a sale. Once again do not increase the budgets on any adsets


What adsets to turn off?

This time we are going to kill any adsets that have been running for 3 days and haven’t got any sales. Do not get attached to these adsets because of add to cart or page views. If they don’t have a sale after running for 3 days then kill these adsets.

Adsets that got a sale?

Again follow the same instruction from step 4 and duplicate these adsets between 1 – 3 times into new adsets with similar interests.

At this point if you have profitable adsets that have been running for more than 3 days you can also duplicate these into adsets targeting winning metrics (eg if you notice one adset has 2 sales and both came from Instagram placement, you can duplicate the adset into a new one which only targets the Instagram feed).

This really is one of the key secrets to FB advertising success. Avoid increasing budgets and focus only on duplicating into similar adsets so that you can keep finding new, profitable adsets. This means you can end up with a huge army of adsets that are profitable.

Note: If after 3 days you have no adsets with a sale, then restart the process with a new product or new ad creative.



There is no set time to do this. But once you notice that your adsets have been profitable for some time, you can start scaling by increasing the budgets on winning adsets. Make sure you keep your cash flow in mind and do not scale too fast.

How to increase the budget?

Simply duplicate winning adsets into new adsets but double the budgets on the new ones. It is very important that you do not adjust the budget on the winning adset itself, only on the duplicate! You do not want to break a winning adset.

Keep scaling

Continue this step of duplicating and doubling the budget on winning adsets for as long as it remains profitable. Eg go from $5 a day, to $10 to $20 until you reach a budget at which the adset stops being profitable.


What are lookalike audiences (LLA’s)?

It is an audience of thousands or even millions of people similar to an existing audience you may have (eg you may have 100 purchases by now, so a lookalike audience of these 100 purchasers may be an audience of several million people who are similar to the people who already purchased from you).

Powerful stuff! You can make a lookalike audience from any custom audience, so you make one for people who have added to cart, purchased, watched your ad etc.

When to use them?

Once you have 10 – 15 sales

What to start with?

Start with a LLA of your “75% Video Views” audience. Create a custom audience of people who have watched 75% of your video ad. Once this audience has at least 3,000 people in it, make a 3 LLA’s from this. Make a 1% LLA, 2% and 3%. For locations, select the country where the most sales have come from so far.

What next?

As you continue to scale proceed with making lookalikes for other custom audiences in this order.

View content LLA’s – 1%, 2%, 3%

Add to cart LLA’s – 1%, 2%, 3% (better when you have minimum 100 ATC’s)

Initiate checkout LLA’s – 1%, 2%, 3%

Purchase LLA’s – 1%, 2%, 3% (minimum of 100 purchases, but it is better if you wait for a higher number of purchases before making lookalike audiences. When your source audience is stronger, your LLA’s will be stronger too.


What is it?

Retargeting is the act of advertising to people who have already engaged with your advert. It is an extremely powerful form of advertising which usually brings you a higher ROAS because you are targeting “warm traffic” who have already shown an interest in your product. Many people may take a while to decide to buy so retargeting ads are both vital and extremely powerful advertising tools.


Start retargeting ads as soon as you have a product that is working mildly well (5-10 sales, breaking even or profitable)


A retargeting adset should have a budget of $3 – $5

Who to retarget?

Retarget everything and everyone! Start in this order

Video Views – 75% VV, 50% VV, 95% VV

Once you have 400+ Add to Carts then begin retargeting add to carts too.

Then do the same for initiate checkouts and finally purchases.

Pro tip – Run a different ad creative when retargeting. Eg switch up the video or use an image instead. You can also offer a discount to entice the customer to make a purchase.


Keep a daily eye on all your adsets. Cut bad adsets as explained in earlier steps and scale profitable adsets by doubling the budgets.

This applies to adsets targeting LLA’s too. Continue this 10 step process and scale your winners high and hard!


See, you didn’t need a $997 course to teach you how you can make 7 figures, dropshipping with Facebook ads! I hope you enjoyed reading this strategy and that you are able to implement it with success. This strategy has seen many students reach 6, 7 and even 8 figures online. Remember to test, work hard and hopefully you can see similar results too.

Thank you for taking the time to read this short tutorial!

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